Monday, June 23, 2008

A Better T

So lately I have been really blah. I have had no energy, and for no particular reason, because I really don't do anything. I've managed to gain almost 30 pounds in the last year and I think that is about time that I get my body under control.

I have started to exercise more which has helped a little bit, I joined Curves again, and I have been taking hank for walks almost every day. But I still feel just blah.

Last week I came to the decision that I really needed to go on some sort of diet, and not just my normal I'll try and eat better diet, a REAL diet. I started to do some research on some different detox diets and came to the conclusion that a detox might just be the thing that I need to do.

After looking into several different diets I decided to go with the Fat Flush Plan. One of the reasons that I chose this diet was because it involves REAL food and not just strange liquid concoctions. It is more of a diet then a detox, but the whole point behind the diet is to cleanse your liver, and other organs, so they start to work like they should, and in turn you loose fat and weight. Along with the weight loss there should be other great side effects, like fewer headaches, more energy, and even fewer allergies.

I'm done being fat and unhealthy and am looking forward to changing my life and they way I think about food. Matt and I plan to do the diet together. We are reading the book now and plan to start the diet after my birthday, on July 14th. I will keep you all posted on my progress...