Tuesday, July 22, 2008

down 10!

I have lost a total of ten pounds in just over a week. Yeah me! I'm even getting used to not eating all of those wonderful things I have grown a custom to eating, though I really could go for a piece of bread slathered in brie right now.

The thing that is the hardest is not salt. Man alive I was never one that ate a ton of salt, but cutting it out all together is just plain bland. It is really amazing how just a little bit of salt really brings out the flavor of so many things.

Just one more week and I get to slowly add back some dairy wheat and even a bit of salt!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Better T week one.

So Matt and I have started our new Fat Flush diet. Everything has been going well, the food is better then I thought it would be. It has not even been that hard giving up sugar, caffeine, dairy, and wheat.

Inspired a bit by my friend Chris who has recentally has won his own "race for a little less" (I'm super impressed congrats you look awesome), I'm just going to to put it all out there...

My starting weight as of Monday July 14th 214 lbs

I have managed to gain almost 40 pounds since our trip to Europe last summer none of which was actually gained on the trip, which I am not so proud of.

The diet so far seams to be working Since Monday I have already lost almost 7 pounds. And Matt has lost about the same.

I have had a few moments that I wanted to throw it all away and have a big piece of cake, but the cravings have started to subside which is nice. I will be sure to keep everyone posted on my progress.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I never thought recess would be so hard...

Thanks to my friend Jean I have found a new fun (most of the time) way to kick start my fitness regime. It is called Urban Recess. I am participating in the Urban Recess Boot Camp, during the month of July. So far I have attended two classes, and both have kicked my ass, which I suppose is what I really need.

During the session we do things like jump rope (which a I don't think I have done since the fifth grade) and run/skip/march lines (which I swore I would never do again when I was a freshman in high school). As much hard work as it is, it is also a lot of fun! We also (towards the end of the session) do a lot of Pilates moves, which I'm horrible at because I'm so not flexible. But I can tell that doing them will make me more flexible, and strong, so I suppose they are not to bad.

If you are in the NW Portland area on Tuesday or Thursday in July night 6-7, you might want to stop by and join in and get your ass kicked as well. It is only a $15 fee...