Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Arthur Harrison Davies

Arthur Harrison Davies
Born April 8th at 4:12 pm
8lbs 7oz
22 inches long

Ice Ice as he was at this point was due to enter the world on April 2nd 2009. This date came and went. We had a doctors appointment on the 7th where we determined that if he did not come on his own by Friday the 10th we were going to induce.

Since he was 5 days late at this point we had to go in to have some monitoring done the next morning. During the motoring his heart rate dropped substantially, and I was wheeled straight over to labor and delivery. They hooked us up to the monitors again and the doctors determined that I was going to have the baby that day. Even though we knew there was a small chance this would happen we did not bother to pack the car, so Matt headed home to fetch our things, and as soon as he got back they started the labor induction, at around 1 PM.

I was only in "labor" for about 3 hours, just as they were starting to administer my epidural the doctors determined that since Ices heart rate was still low they were going to have to perform a c-section, and about a minute latter I was wheeled into the OR, and not long after that we were welcoming Arthur Harrison into the world.

The Davies family was released from the hospital a few days latter. Life has been quite an adjustment with a new little one but we are all doing quite well. We have so many great family and friends that have given us so much help and support.

Arthur had his first official doctors appointment last week, and everything is going great, we have a nice healthy boy on our hands. I plan to keep you all posted on the life and times of the Davies family. I don't have any posted yet but keep an eye on my flicker page for many many photo's of our beautiful baby boy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Almost over!

Man alive I have not updated my sad little blog in a decade! I figured I'd get you all caught up on my goings on since I'm due to have a baby tomorrow!

Being pregnant for the last 10 months has been quite a life changing experience, and I can't wait for the next stage of the process to begin. Here are 10 things that Ihave learned being pregnant:

1. Any woman who tells you that they had a perfect uneventful pregnancy is a big FAT liar!!!

2. I could never have bulimia I hate throwing up!

3. Don't wait till you are 8 months pregnant to super clean your bedroom it will take twice as long, and you will not be able to bend over and pick anything up.

4. Also don't wait till you are 37 weeks pregnant to assemble all your baby furniture, unless you want your husband to do it all... wait maybe that was a good thing to do :)!

5. Ask for help, there is always someone that is ready and willing to help, like when you can't get your socks on, or pick up something you just dropped.

6. The only thing worse then getting a cold when you are 36 weeks pregnant, is getting a cold 3 days before the baby is due.

7. If you want to eat it, eat it! I'm pregnant is the best excuse and it only lasts for a few months, plus this is the only time in your life that you are supposed to be fat.

8. I am convinced that pregnant woman get constipated so that they can practice pushing.

9. Don't give your poor baby a nickname like ice ice in the womb, because you know he is going to be called it for the rest of his life, even if that was not your intent.

10. Keeping the babies name a secret is fun! Drives people nuts!

Hopefully the next time I post little Ice Ice will have a "real" name, and there will be many new stories to share with you all.We'll keep you posted!