Thursday, December 1, 2011

I’m Christian, unless you’re gay.

This is not meant to offend anyone. Just make you think.

I have not posted something on the Blog in a really long time, but I think this is something that I would like to say and I'd like bit more space then just a facebook link.

So here I go.

I just read an article that I KNOW everyone should read. And I mean everyone. It poses questions that I often consider myself, and I think ALL people should also consider.

I was raised in the Mormon faith. I went to church nearly every Sunday, youth group every Wednesday, and Seminary every morning (well some mornings) before school.

I was taught, many things that I still try to live by (despite not having gone to church in over a decade).

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.

Treat others they way you would like to be treated.

and so on...

I also sadly learned that a lot of "religious" people can also be very hypocritical. Sure Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, unless he is gay, weird, crazy, liberal, a drug addict... the list goes on.

I know that not all Mormons, or Christians believe this way, but there sure seem to be a lot that do. My teachers may not have flat out said that being gay was wrong, or hey don't bring that weird friend of your around here anymore, but more often then not I felt left out because I was a bit more "liberal" and open then most of my other peers at church.

Today I am in a Happy relationship with a loving husband. We have two beautiful children. But I also believe that two people of the same sex can and should have what my husband and I do.

I look at my sister-in-law who is raising her two children in a same sex relationship. She has trials just like a "normal" couple has. And she has two wonderful children that love both their moms. I know that both of them are going to grow up to be awesome people.

That is the end of my rant. I hope that you read I’m Christian, unless you’re gay. And I hope it makes you think. I don't think that my words or even the words in this article will change any ones mind, but I do hope it makes them think...