Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas New bags and Home Shopping!

So there are so many things going on. Christmas is almost here, and this year we get to spend it with all the Fam's. Sunday before Christmas we are having a Christmas Brunch with my Fam. I can't wait to see Jack at Christmas this year, as cute as he was last year he will be so much cuter this year!!! I got him the cutest little outfit. First a Tweed blazer (see above photo) from baby gap, with a sweater, and khaki pants to wear with it. he will be a perfect little yuppie in no time!

And then on to Seattle to see Matt's Fam. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that Matt's sisters have moved to the NW and are only a few hours away. This will be the first Christmas that we get to spend with Lea, and she is almost three. I have to say that I have gone a bit over board with the presents, but I don't even care!!! she is getting a little play kitchen, so I got her this cute little set from Target with a real little set of pans, and spoons and stuff...FUN!!! We also got her fake sushi kit (see above) to "cook" they are made out of wood, and so freekin cute!

Next I have several New bags on ETSY that I'm pretty proud of so you should check them out. The more I make the better they get!!!

Last I'm sooooooo excited Matt and I have started out house hunt. We looked at several last weekend, and found one that we LOVE (see above photo) We are looking at more tomorrow, and hope to make a decision on which one we love the most to make an offer on. The one below is one we think may be a close contender to the one we LOVE so far!!! I'm so excited!!!!

I will keep you posted on how things go on the house front!!!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bigger Better My Ass!!!!

So my craft fair experience this weekend was a bit less then stellar. In fact it sucked ass. It was a badly ran, small and there were just no customers to buy anything. We made a whopping $24.50 which was not even enough to pay for the space.

All in all it was not that bad of an experience, and I learned some valuable lessons, and had an amazing weekend away with my wonderful husband, that did nothing but cheer me up when I was upset, about how much things sucked.

Things that I learned:

1. My core customer base IS NOT little old ladies that frequent holiday bazaars at the coast.
2. Being the most prepared, best looking booth at a small craft fair just means I really am ready for the "Big Leagues"
3. People really do love Monkeys in Hats!
4. My bags really do ROCK!!!!!
5. I have the best most caring big Teddy Bear of a husband, and I don't know what I would do without him.