Sunday, November 2, 2008

Forever and a day.

I figured since I have not posted anything since July it was about time that I update my loyal readers (all three of you) on my where abouts!

My last few posts had been about getting healthier and starting to loose some weight. I did great during and just after the detox that Matt and I did the last few weeks of July, but since then I have managed to gain back most of the weight I lost. This however is not a bad thing, because they recommend that pregnant woman not "diet".

Which brings me to my next bit of good news, Matt and I are expecting our first child in early April! I'm due on the second. I'm just over 18 weeks along now, and we get to find out the sex on Nov. 12th so I will keep everyone posted on that as well.

Aside from that my other bit of good news is that I have a full time job! I finally got hired on full time at Hanlon Brown design (i'm the last one on the left). This is the place that I have been contracting at for the last three plus years. I have loved working there so much and I'm so glad that a position opened up. It is such a great company to work for! It is also nice to have a regular paycheck for a change especially with a baby on the way

I think that about sums it up! Expect more posts from here on out. And I will try my hardest not to make them all baby related...