Monday, July 20, 2009

Time sure files...

I can't believe it but our Arthur Pants is already three-and-a-half months old. He is already turning into such a little man. I can't wait to see who is is going to become in the months and years to come. He is so Awesome!!! I know I'm just a proud mom but he is really great. Beyond the fact that he is just the cutest baby in the world, he is also so clam and happy, and we could not have asked for a better baby.

Since I have been horrible at keeping you all in the loop I will give you a quick run down on what Mr. Arthur has been up to over the last three months.

• 4.8.2009 Arthur was born
• 4.11.2009 came home from the hospital
• we found out Aunt Dez and Uncle Chris are having a new baby! So excited that Arthur is going to have all these cousins and friends so close to his age. (They are having a little girl due Nov. 1st)
• he started smiling at 3-4 weeks old
• at 8 weeks he was already 24.25 inches long and counting
• third weekend in June went up to Seattle to meet the Davies-Kang clan
• 6.21.2009 (fathers day) on our trip up to Seattle Arthur rolled over (front to back) for the very first time (even before his cousin Wyatt)
• On July 4th on another trip up to Seattle he rolled over back to front.
• 7.6.2009 I officially became a stay at home mom, and told Hanlon Brown that I would not return back to work
• 7.7.09 Annie gives birth to miss Maggie Mosher. Sure to be Arthur's best friend in no time!
• 7.9-7.15.2009 Took our first LONG road trip to Wyoming to meet the fam! Got to meet his great grandma and pa Bell

Month three has just been full of firsts. He has started grabbing at anything he can get his hands on and putting them straight in his mouth. First giggles. Rolling around on the floor like a monkey. Splashing in the bath. And most recently we think he is working on his first teeth which he is not very happy about.

As for Matt and I we are doing our best to adapting to this new roll of being parents. Yesterday my friend Annie (who has an almost 2-week-old at home) asked me when it was that we finally transitioned into a routine with our lives that worked. I had a hard time answering this question because I don't remember an exact time that it all made sense, it just did. Now that I look back on the last three months all that I can say is that you just fall into this pattern of being a mom, and being a family, I do not when this happened exactly, I just know that it happened. Granted I have to give a bit of the credit to Arthur because he is such a calm, loving, happy baby. And the rest of the credit I have to give to Matt because he is go laid back and he made me realize that it was all going to be OK, and it will.