Friday, July 18, 2008

A Better T week one.

So Matt and I have started our new Fat Flush diet. Everything has been going well, the food is better then I thought it would be. It has not even been that hard giving up sugar, caffeine, dairy, and wheat.

Inspired a bit by my friend Chris who has recentally has won his own "race for a little less" (I'm super impressed congrats you look awesome), I'm just going to to put it all out there...

My starting weight as of Monday July 14th 214 lbs

I have managed to gain almost 40 pounds since our trip to Europe last summer none of which was actually gained on the trip, which I am not so proud of.

The diet so far seams to be working Since Monday I have already lost almost 7 pounds. And Matt has lost about the same.

I have had a few moments that I wanted to throw it all away and have a big piece of cake, but the cravings have started to subside which is nice. I will be sure to keep everyone posted on my progress.


Chris said...

You're too kind and it is very much appreciated. I'm sure you and Matt can do it and honestly, it is those first first couple losses that make it easier. It builds up your ideals of, "hey, I actually can do this." You'll start to notice all sorts of differences, sleeping better, feeling better and I even found my feet. I think you, Matt, and myself are lucky because were still considered young, it only gets harder as we get older.

Honestly, I wish for nothing but the best for you two.

Chris said...

Oh, also... I've found that "positive self-talk" is important, at least it was for me. There will be times you'll slip up, it's natural, and by god you're human... but it is important that you don't beat yourself up (which I had a bad habit of doing), rather agree that it was a slip up and only that, don't let it ruin your results or crush your spirit, as corny as it sounds, let it inspire you. 7 pounds in a couple of days is awesome, I hope all of your weeks are like that but remember, even losing half a pound is a step in the right direction.