Sunday, January 3, 2010

A better 2010.

So I have decided to put this list out there for the "world" to see because if I do that it makes it real, and if it is real then I will actually accomplish it, or so the theory goes.

10 things I wish to accomplish in '10:

1. Loose at least 40 pounds. (20 or so of these are the pounds that I gained with Arthur, and the other 20 are are the pounds I should have lost before I had him)

2. Walk or be active every day. This will help with the previous goal, plus I just fell better when I am more active.

3. Keep better records. I have always been a horrible "journalist" if you will, and this year I want to be better. I bought a small purse calender and my plan is to jot down at least one thing that I did/thought/felt that day, and or one thing that Arthur did/thought/felt that day. This way I will be sure to remember when he took his first step, or said his first word.

4. Raise from my "worst blogger ever" status to at least "mediocre blogger".

5. Draw more. Right now the goal is to finish one small illustration every week. That is 52 illustrations in '10!

6. Work as hard as I can to make Actual Industries as awesome and profitable as I can.

7. Learn QuickBooks. This will also help with the previous goal.

8. Drink more water. I feel better when I do this. I get less headaches, my skin is clearer, and it just makes sense.

9. Start using cloth diapers again.

10. Be more active with Arthur. I tent to be a bit of a home body, so I want to get out into the world with him more, go places, do things, see people.

So there it is. Feel free to check up on me to make sure I'm working things out, and please tell me to get over myself when you find out they are not. Also be sure to tell me I rock when I actually accomplish something on the list!