Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January update

So I figure that the beat way to keep on track for 2010 is to post an update on how my goals have been going and what I need to do to stay on track. I figure it I do this it will a) help me stay on track knowing that I have to let the world know every month how I'm doing, and b) it will raise me to at least "mediocre blogger" status, seeing as I will have at least 12 posts for the year, which is way more then last.

1. Loose at least 40 pounds.
Okay so I'm a bit behind on this one, I have not lost any weight in Jan, but I have not gained any either, so I suppose that is something. Starting next week Matt and I are going to do a cleansing diet, to Jump start our weight loss, then I am going to work my ass off, eat right and exercise. My goal is to be down to 175 before my 30th birthday which is in July. That means I have a little over 5 months to loose 35 pounds.

2. Walk or be active every day.
This has also been tough. I blame it mostly on myself, but I also blame the rain and cold, it is much harder to go out and walk when you have a baby. Babies melt in the rain... I'm thinking of joining west coast fitness with a friend, so I will have a work out buddy which is always great!

3. Keep better records.
I have actually been GREAT at this one. I bought a small pocket sized calender, and every day I just jot down a few thoughts, or things that happened, or whatever. It is only a small paragraph each day, but is makes it a reasonable goal, because if I were trying to do more it would just not get done at all.

4. Be a better blogger.
In the process of this one right now! also for the month of Feb. I think I will try and post once a week. Baby steps...

5. Draw more.
I am about half way with this one. I think I have missed one week. I think I will also start posting my illustrations every week on my crafT blog, this will also help out the previous goal.

6. Make Actual Industries ROCK!
I have finished the preliminary designs for actualindustries.com. Since we need to have a website to get clients this is a pretty important step. Now we just have to put the site into motion, this is my Feb. Actual Goal.

7. Learn QuickBooks.
We decided to turn all our end of the year stuff over to a book keeping firm that is going to get everything in order for us and set up our QuickBooks. Once that is done I will be able to learn how to enter in things, and keep everything straight.

8. Drink more water.
Some days I do really good other days not so much. I need to be better at this one. Also cutting out some of my caffeine will also help, which I will be doing on my cleanse.

9. Start using cloth diapers again.
I am ROCKING this one. Aside for the occasional disposable when we go out, or away we are back to cloth. Have found several options that I'm loving and are working well for Arthur. It is amazing on how much less trash we have each week, makes me feel so much better, about doing my part, you know for the world and stuff.

10. Be more active with Arthur.
This one I still need to work on. I was going to start trying to go to Story time at the library but it is at 10, which is right during Arthur's first nap these days, so I need to look into some other options that we can do. I'm thinking of swimming lessons. I think this will help both of us since I'm not much for the water, so I think if I go do it with him, I won't be as nervous myself. Also we may be putting him into daycare for a couple days a week, so that will help as well, plus it will give me some non-kid time to get other things done.

All in all I have done a good job. I still need a bit of work, but I think I'm on track to making 2010 a pretty damn fine year!!!

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